Winnipeg Patios

Winnipeg Patios (Eastern Exchange District for now!)


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(185 Lombard Ave)
Carnaval Brazilian BBQ
(270 Waterfront Dr)
(339 Waterfront Dr)
Clay Oven
(Shaw Park)
Corrientes Argentinian Pizza
(137 Bannatyne Ave)
(171 McDermot Ave)
(179 Bannatyne Ave)
Joe and Lily
(145 Pacific Avenue, winnipeg, manitoba)
Nonsuch Brewery Taproom (Interim)
(125 Pacific Ave)
Patent 5 Distillery
(108 Alexander Ave, Winnipeg MB R3B 0L2)
Saddlery on Market
(114 Market Ave)

Cruising down the bike path along Waterfront Drive can be thirsty work.
Prior to 2015 your thirst could not easily have been quenched on a nearby patio. All the good patios were on the other side of Main Street, a couple blocks away!
But now the Exchange District East of Main area has gone from a couple patios to about a dozen great patios.  Several feature local craft beers, some have a rooftop patio, and some are breweries themselves.

I sure I am missing some patios in the area.  Please leave a comment to let me know which of your favourite patios are missing!

2 comments for “Winnipeg Patios (Eastern Exchange District for now!)

  1. Jb
    October 25, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Joe and Lily’s at Lily and Pacific has seating outside. Great spot for a great cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It should be mentioned…

    • Ed
      January 23, 2018 at 1:43 pm

      Joe and Lily added! Thanks for the tip. I think its the first one added without a liquor license.

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